Thursday, March 12, 2009

Acne Scarring Home Remedy: Chemical Peel

The Chemical Peel as a Home Remedy

So I thought I would explore the Chemical Peel as a home remedy for acne and acne scarring. Chemical Peels aren't a home remedy, you say. Well, yea, they aren't, but in the strictest sense of the word, you can purchase over-the-counter home chemical peels which, as the title suggests, you can use in the comfort of your own home!

A chemical peel is probably the most effective way (other than plastic surgery) of removing acne scars from your face. Sure, there are other acne scar treatments and home remedies that will help minimize the scarring, but you will be hard pressed to find anything matching the effectiveness of the chemical peel. This is great news! If you thought you had to live with your acne scars for the rest of your life, well, you thought wrong. So let's explore the in's and out's to chemical peels as an acne treatment.

Chemical peels are a powerful concoction of chemicals that are applied to the face to remove the top layer of damaged skin. The chemical peel is a non-surgical treatment. You can treat both acne scars and active acne with it, though it's far more effective for scar removal than it is as an acne cure. If you want to improve your complexion, the chemical peel delivers, but if you want to cure your acne, you might be disappointed. But no fear, you can check out the other useful acne home remedies on this blog and find that acne cure!

There are four types of chemical peels: super light, light, medium, and deep. The least effective and cheapest is the super light chemical peel, or also called "off the shelf" home chemical peel. You can purchase these at any drugstore for around 30 dollars. If you want to quickly and painlessly improve your complexion on a budget, the at home chemical peel is probably your best bet. However, it's not anywhere near as effective as the other chemical peels. The light and medium chemical peels require a trained specialist to perform; you can visit a doctor, spa, or salon for this type of peel. If you have mild acne scarring, the light or medium peels may prove effective. If you have some serious acne scarring -- usually the result of some serious cystic acne -- only the deep chemical peel will be really effective. The cost? Well, the cost is literally the cost. Deep chemical peels will cost you about a thousand dollars a treatment, and you may require multiple treatments.

If you do undergo a chemical peel, expect a slight tingling of your skin along with some numbness. Some people complain of a slight stinging -- but these are the minority. The most pain you will probably have to endure is the stench of the strong chemicals. The chemical-peel session will last around 45 minutes, but can vary depending on your skin's needs. It typically takes about a week for your skin to properly heal and you will have to endure red, flaky skin that may be tender to the touch. Don't put any makeup or sun tanning lotion on. If possible avoid putting any lotion that's oily. If you dry skin really bothers you, put some mild moisturizer on the counter the dryness.

The chemical peel is a very effective acne scar treatment. While, it's not exactly a "home" remedy, it can be if you purchase the off-the-shelf peel from a drugstore. It's important to at least know your options. Treat you acne with home remedies but if you end up with acne scarring after the acne disappears, I highly suggest you consider the chemical peel as possible treatment.


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